Hotel Pet Sitting

hotel,finderComing to Austin for an event, on vacation or business?  Need hotel pet sitting?


PetPro Texas is proud to offer our private, in-room hotel pet sitting services at your hotel or resort. If you need for us to stop by throughout the day or your stay to check on your pet, our reliable pet sitting professional will take care of your pet while you enjoy your visit or business meeting.


Our Hotel Pet Sitting Service gives you the flexibility to create your own hours while on vacation or business travel. Our professional caregivers provide one-on-one pet care in the comfort of your hotel room. They will ensure that your pet receives on-time feedings, necessary medications, relaxing walks, fun-filled playtime, and potty breaks.


In-Room Pet Sitting Services

We know that pets are unique and many have special needs, but they all need exercise and loving every day.  Without proper exercise, pets often develop anxieties and poor behavior when left alone for long periods of time.


  • Individual Dog Visits

  • 30-minute walk, play time & loving

  • Fresh water & treats (if requested)

  • Report card (details of time of visit, and pet notations)

  • Individual Cat Visits

  • 30-minute visit

  • Feeding

  • Fresh water

  • Play time

  • Combing, upon request

  • Cleaning litter box each day

  • Individual Visits for other types of pets

  • Specific services depend on the pet