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Pet sitting and dog sitting in Austin

PetPro Texas is the perfect solution for busy pet owners. We are right here in Austin ready to help you with all your pet needs, right now.


Our team is especially qualified having had training in obedience training, pet care and pet safety, while also having considerable experience dealing with all breeds/species and most behavior issues, making PetPro Texas the perfect solution for your animals while you’re away.


We know, first-hand, how difficult caring for your pet while you are away can be. We are pet owners too, so we provide only the best for your pets, treating them as if they were our own!


PetPro Texas provides modern pet care services that make life easier for both you and your pet. Offering everything from pet fitness programs to pet food and supplies delivery and pet taxi services, PetPro Texas is your local, friendly pet helper.


Caring for Horses and farm animalsAny Pet, Any Time – It doesn’t matter if it flies, crawls, swims, walks or just sits there….PetPro Texas can help 24/7/365!


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