How It Works

1. This is How It Works at PetPro Texas:  Go to the Schedule an Appointment page or give us a call at 512-636-7806 to schedule a FREE consultation so you can let us know how we can help you with your pet(s).


2. Decide what Services you need.  After you have selected your services please schedule an appointment by giving us a call or sending us a text to 512-636-7806.

3. Each PetPro Texas customer will receive a FREE key locker.   Key Locker (Key Locker) This is similar to the key lockers used by real estate agents.


4. Leave your key locker in agreed upon location and let PetPro Texas know the code.  You can change the code at any time.  Coding instructions are provided with each key locker.


6. Enjoy your time away knowing your pet is being well taken care of.  While you are away we will keep you updated via E-mail with a daily reporting of your pets condition.


Each pet will also have a personal photo gallery page in our Pet Gallery section!

The photo gallery will include the photos in chronological order so you can see your pet every day, even when you can’t be with them!  We will also pick up newspapers and do what you need for us to do to make your home look lived-in while you are away.  Your pets page can be password protected if you do not wish for your photo’s to be public.


Security_Icon  Security is top priority at PetPro Texas, so we are BONDED and INSURED for your safety.



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