About PetPro Texas

Doug HammMeet Doug Hamm, Owner/Operator PetPro Texas

Doug has always been around animals…

His first memories include the family dogs, Muffin, a Basenji and Poco (Italian for little) a toy poodle. Doug has owned several dogs, of varying breeds ever since. “One of my good friends had a raccoon named Tycoon in a cage in his backyard. I learned very quickly that you probably don’t want a raccoon for a pet. The same friend also had a couple of Ferrets, which I enjoyed; but remember thinking they smelled funny. A friend in college had a BOA Constrictor that would crawl all over me and I would feed it mice. The lady two doors down had a Parrot that talked and my brothers’ cat had kittens in my closet while I was in high school.”, as Doug comments about his life around animals.

And perhaps most importantly, he furthered his learning by attending Starmark Academy for professional dog trainers http://www.schoolfordogtrainers.com/ in the spring of 2014.  As a Professional Dog Trainer, Doug is good at observing animal behavior and understanding which pets will play well together and which ones won’t. Doug will evaluate all of your pets, and then help you with their compatibility and obedience.

28 years in the corporate selling world and growing up working in his Dad’s sporting goods store has given Doug a lot of good customer service experience translating into quality service for you and your pets.