Pet Taxi FAQ

Pet Taxi – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is considered a Round Trip? A round trip is service that is continuous, meaning that the driver will wait throughout your pets appointment and will provide the return trip home immediately after.


  • Is there an additional charge if I want you to transport more than one pet? There is a $10.00 charge for additional pets after the first pet in the same household.


  • What types of animal handling equipment do you carry in your vehicles? Our vehicle is equipped with a pets first aid kit, a stretcher to carry large injured pets, a variety of sizes of crates, muzzles, leashes and harnesses and portable oxygen.


  • Does my pet need to be in a crate while being transported? All cats are required to be crated for the simple reason that they are more difficult to restrain and the chances of them escaping are considerably higher. When transporting dogs, we usually crate all dogs except when the owner is accompanying their dog, if the dog is too large for the available crate or if the dog is injured and crating is not possible. In these cases, we prefer that dogs wear a harness in order to be safely fastened and secured in our vehicle. Dogs that show aggression towards people or other dogs will need to be crated in order to be transported.


  • What does your Emergency Transport Service do? Our main objective is to respond to your call in a timely manner. Our experience with handling injured and critically ill pets will provide your pet with the care necessary to be safely transported to the nearest animal emergency facility.


  • Do you provide transport service for pets that pass away at home? Our deceased pet transport service can provide you with a compassionate and dignified way of getting your pet to their final resting place. We will transport your pet to your regular vet hospital, nearest animal emergency clinic or directly to one of the pet cemeteries/crematories. Our deceased pet transport service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.


  • Do you have access to customer’s home keys? There are times when customers request for their pet to be picked up or drop off when they are not at home. In these cases we will give you a door lock box so that you can create a combination and place your key in it, in a safe area outside your home or apartment. References and proof of insurance are available upon request.


  • What is the difference between Airport Cargo and Airport Terminal service? With our Airport Terminal Service you and your pet will be taken or picked up at the departure/arrival curbside area of the airport. We will need your flight information at the time you schedule your appointment.


  • Our Airport Cargo Service consists of us personally delivering your pet to the airlines cargo area. We ensure that your pet is prepared for its flight by checking that all required documentation is in order, kennel is assemble correctly and is airline approved. We can also provide assistance scheduling necessary vet exams, obtaining health certificates, arranging temporary boarding accommodations and provide comfort stops for pets transferring on to another flight.