Interactive Toy Magic

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Interactive Toy Magic

May 5, 2015

By Doug Hamm

What is an Interactive Toy? A toy that encourages your pet to play with it based on a perceived reward. Even a squeaky toy can be considered an “Interactive Toy”. Your pet enjoys that it can make the toy respond (make a noise) by squeezing on it or knows that if it works hard enough there is a food reward inside. My dogs grab squeaky toys when they are playful and want my attention.

tA food reward interactive toy works great for a teething puppy that likes to chew on your sofa too. The puppy will realize that getting the food reward is so much better than foam rubber that he eventually have no interest in that ‘ole foam rubber what so ever! Give it a try; I think you will find that these little toys really are like magic.                                                                                     Photobucket

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